11 recently extinct animals photographs and

September 08, A Pygmy Hippo calf born at The Toronto Zoo on August 10 is already hugely popular thanks to videos shared by her care team that show her climbing, snuggling, taking a bath, and being generally adorable. Born to mom Kindia and dad Harvey, the female calf is the first to be born at the zoo in more than 20 years.

11 recently extinct animals photographs and

11 Recently Extinct Animals Photographs

WhatsApp Javan Tiger Is the world on the verge of losing the majority of its animals? In the past million years there have been five mass extinctions.

A mass extinction is when more than three-quarters of the world's species become extinct in a short frame of time. Now, experts are concerned that a sixth mass extinction has begun, and could take a mere 1, years to complete.

Whether we are in the midst of a mass extinction or not, it's clear that we are losing species at an alarming rate. Here are five recently extinct animals that left our world over the past decade: The males weighed in at to pounds and the females averaged to pounds.

Their small size was thought to be attributed to the size of the available prey in their native land of Java, Indonesia. The theory is that the smaller the prey, the smaller the predator. At one point, the Javan tigers inhabited all of Java.

In the mid s to mid s the native people viewed these tigers as pests and chased them off to the remote mountainous areas.

Unfortunately, the protection of the reserve was not enough. Due to hunting, loss of forest habitat and lack of prey, the number of Javan tigers dwindled. The last members were spotted in the reserve in and the Javan tigers were officially declared extinct injoining the ever growing list of recently extinct species.

Western Black Rhinoceros Western Black Rhinoceros Declared Extinct in Rhinos have been around since prehistoric times and are the second largest land mammal, second in size only to elephants.

Despite the Western Black Rhino's large size, they were actually extremely fast runners and could reach speeds of 40 miles per hour when they needed to intimidate other animals or humans. However, these big guys had extremely poor vision and had been known to accidentally run into trees and other objects.

Besides their scary intimidation tactics, they were actually quite gentle and strict vegetarians. These giants had tough black skin that protected them from predators, but it was also quite soft to the touch and sensitive to sunlight, so the rhinos would wallow in mud to give them some UV protection.

Loss of habitat and poaching was the downfall for the Western Black Rhino. They had two horns that were valued on the black market for their beauty and supposed medicinal value. The last known members of this rhino sub-species were known to live in Cameroon, West Africa.

11 recently extinct animals photographs and

Because this frog delivered it's young from its mouth, temporarily turning off its stomach acid to do so. Scientists thought the ability to turn off the production of stomach acid could be useful to humans.

Before scientists were able to discover the Southern Gastric Brooding Frogs' secret, the species became extinct. The Southern Gastric Brooding Frog was an aquatic species that lived in rainforests, wet forest communities and near freshwater streams in Australia.

The last living member of this species was spotted in the wild in and the Southern Gastric Brooding Frogs were officially declared extinct in The cause of extinction is unknown. Their demise could have been caused by timber harvesting, habitat changes, non-native species of plants and animals, by disease or something else.

The last known member of the species was found in and transferred to the Charles Darwin Research Center.

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Being the last of his kind, he was named "Lonesome George. George was pounds and five feet long and was in the prime of his life at the time of his death. Pinta tortoises are thought to have a year lifespan. The cause of his early death is not known, but a heart attack is suspected.

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Where had George's relatives gone? Why was he the last of his kind? Because of the big size of these tortoises, they provided a lot of food to humans. In addition, because the tortoises could live a long time without food and water, the whalers liked to bring these tortoises with them on long excursions as a source of fresh meat.

Conservationists have made efforts to save these beautiful river dolphins, but have been unsuccessful. The last confirmed sighting of this freshwater river dolphin was in Since then, researchers have scanned the Yangtze River in China -- the Baiji River Dolphins' only habitat -- in search of any survivors and have found none.

Inresearchers declared the species had likely joined the long list of animals that are extinct, and stated that if there happened to be any survivors, they likely would not survive.

The Chinese regarded the Baiji River Dolphins as a national treasure.Latest environmental news, features and updates. Pictures, video and more. Interesting Facts About Extinct Animals. Steller’s Sea Cows were ft-long Manatees and weighed perhaps 10 metric tons. It was discovered by a . Archosaurs is about dinosaurs, crocodiles, birds, and all their diapsid relatives, both living and monstermanfilm.com's part of UC Berkeley's gigantic tree of life web site complex (more on that below.) This is for older students.

"The Earth - our beautiful blue orb circling the sun is home to so many diverse species of animals. Creating and maintaining a website can be complicated enough, without the stress of ensuring there are opportunities for people to spread the word.

Simple Share Buttons allows your visitors to share your content with ease, and you as a provider to offer the service worry-free. In his new book, "Endangered", renowned wildlife photographer Tim Flach tries to make readers consider the impact they have on animals. Here are five recently extinct animals that left our world over the past decade.

Whether we are in the midst of a mass extinction or not, it’s clear that we are losing species at an alarming rate. Here are five recently extinct animals that left our world over the past decade.

5 Recently Extinct Animal Species