Deception need and loved ones

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Deception need and loved ones

Could this happen to you too? Sharon Armstrong had lived an exemplary life. A solo mother, she had successfully brought up her daughter, had been employed in senior roles in government institutions, and had even trained and worked as a probation officer.

She never expected that one day she would be fighting for her freedom in an Argentinian jail — and being condemned as a drug mule by the media in her homeland. My Story — Sharon Armstrong One would think that the turgid monotony of prison life would be an unlikely habitat for hope to grow.

We observe Sharon Armstrong counting the minutes of phone calls, the numbers of cockroaches infesting the cells, or the amount of handles stuck onto brown paper bags.

Hours are punctuated by gossip; washing floors and waiting for dinner to arrive. Only court appearances seem to break the routine. Alongside the journal of life inside the walls of Unidad 31, we read the viewpoints of specialists in cyber-crime; in digital forensics, in drug mules and psychological manipulation.

Organised Deception is however much more than a mere chronicle of prison days. It is a cautionary tale to warn off potential victims from being preyed upon by sophisticated networks of scammers, who feast upon vulnerability as a way of life.

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Ultimately, however, the greatest aspect of Organised Deception is that it is a love story of extraordinary contrasts. There is no doubt that Sharon fell in love for a person who captured her into a sticky web of false identity, fraud, debt, drugs and finally incarceration.

To cope with her confinement behind bars, Sharon reaches out with relentless positivity, befriending women despite language barriers or differences of age and lifestyle. She finds joy in cleaning the walls with them, learning Spanish and sharing stories of the children and families waiting for their loved one to return home.

They inspire her to stay strong; to keep resolutely focussed on coming home, and never ever to lose sight of the value she represents as a grandmother, a mother, a sister, an aunty.

She issues a defiant challenge to anyone else who may fall victim to an unsuspecting predator: In her case, love wins out. She is resolute in her determination that the crime for which she is accused will not define her future. In this respect the book moves from being a biographical documentary of life beyond bars to almost emerge as a self-help guide to well-being — no matter what.There are Comments Off on Lying, Deception, Denial and the Addict Tagged Friends and Family of Addicts Why the addict continues in addiction will perplex and madden even the most patient of spouses, family members and friends.

Could you imagine faking your own death? Or lying on a regular base to your coworkers and loved ones?

Lies, Liars and Lying — Out of the FOG

Those are just some of the things these 20 people are doing.. Read on for more details. Open dialogue is the key to a clean conscience - if you've strayed financially from a spouse or loved one. Bring up the word "infidelity" at a dinner party or on a psychiatrist's couch, and you're likely to see the conversation veer off to issues regarding the libido.

Deception need and loved ones

Sep 27,  · Joyce prays for your loved ones to come to know Christ! The more you know about these and other types of senior scams, the better prepared you’ll be to protect your elderly loved from becoming the victim of heartbreaking fraud, deception, and .

The Talk: Admitting a Drug Problem to Your Loved Ones. More Resources. Share This. Share This. Search. Go. Admitting a Drug Problem to Your Loved Ones; Drug Policy.

the denial that fuels secrecy and deception holds more information than what is on the, the person struggling with addiction feels ashamed, and denial or.

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