Emotive systems

Read the Complete Thread tomd51 posts on November 27, I think you're right, most places would charge extra for the new grills, but I'm not surprised Emotiva didn't, doesn't seem their style. Just something else that makes me pleased with my decision to go with the ERDs… -TD majorloser posts on November 27,

Emotive systems

We first turned our projectors onto snow about three years ago at our local Australian snowfields yes, we have a little snow.

Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence

Carving the slopes by day and lighting the ice by night, we transformed snow into otherworldly forms. Millions of particles are born. And Red Bull earned our respect for allowing us to live the dream. The Humble Telescope Many of us are curious about the universe around us, however for most of us the task of star gazing is out of reach.

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Light pollution in each of our cities prevents us from seeing the marvel that is the night sky. The Humble Telescope is designed as an interactive civic sculpture that brings the wonders of space down to earth and into our cities, to encourage us to learn more about the universe and perhaps appreciate our own world a little more.

Inside the telescope exists a 3D simulation of our entire known universe. Pointing the telescope in any direction immediately shows us what exists in that area of space, so now we can get a greater understanding of where the planets are and where we live in the Milky Way.

The Humble Telescope serves as an on-going reminder of how truly amazing our universe is and how relatively small we are.

Emotive systems

What better way to provoke thought and discussion concerning our existence, where we are going and ultimately inspire us to care more about our home, Earth. Light Ripples Prepare to be sucked in to a liquid vortex, a celestial extravaganza of wondrous visions and ethereal sounds.

Welcome to a pool of mesmerizing liquid illuminations, where eight floating balls are your controls. Music and visuals are created from the interplay between you, the balls and virtual objects.

To play - set the balls in motion, simple. The audio-visual compositions evoke a sense of awe and thoughts of the universe, from a microscopic look into a petri dish, to a vision of infinite galaxies.

Emotive systems

Midden pays homage to the traditional owners of the land. This powerful, collaborative work expresses the interplay of Australian culture and creativity. Our team of particle visualists and electronic musicians served up a feast of sensory delights all night. Particle Picnic is a celebration of our passion for particles and our homegrown 3D software engine, Pixile.

Live audio responsiveness, two iPad controllers, shadows, reflections, ambient occlusion and then some.Albert Ellis was a 20th century psychologist who pioneered the development of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which is widely considered a precursor to cognitive behavioral therapy..

Early Life. Emotive Computing Lab Overview We an interdisciplinary research team of computer scientists, cognitive scientists, and psychologists who investigate the complex interplay between thoughts and feelings while people perform complex real-world tasks.

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See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sajith’s Title: CTO, EV Electrical Systems & . Emotive Driver Advisor System (EDAS) 25 The EDAS ECA is a three dimensional (3D) Avatar that can be efficiently imple- mented in a cockpit environment (through an LCD display) and can accommodate.

eMotimo offers high value, position accurate, multi-axis, motion control camera robots. Great for interviews, timelapse, tabletop product shooting, VFX, stop-frame animation, and more.

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