How to write a fashion show commentary

The excitement of a fashion show electrifies the air. While spectators enjoy the procession of cutting-edge ensembles, it helps to educate them about the brands, fabrications, and prices of the clothes and accessories parading before them.

How to write a fashion show commentary

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A note for our teachers: These lessons are posted so that you may borrow ideas from them, but our intention in providing this resource is not to give teachers a word-for-word script to follow.

This pre-writing activity has students celebrate some of their favorite vocabulary words by personifying them and designing them clothes to wear.

As adults, most of us have favorite words. We like the sounds of certain words, we like the meanings of others, or we just have an interesting personal connection to a word. As they clean themselves up, using the supplies they have discovered, the father mentions the word shampoo, which the boy has clearly never heard before.

He repeats the word in such a way that you can tell it has become one of his favorite new words. A notebook is a great place to celebrate and store favorite words. Share some of your favorite words with your students; explain your reasons for liking those words so much.

Ask them to put a Mr. Explain the person they create must somehow represent the meaning of the word, so if they create Miss Onomatopoeia, somehow the character must have something to do with sound effects. Perhaps Miss Onomatopoeia was the class clown who annoyed the teacher by making sounds, or perhaps she works as the sound effects person on a radio show.

After sharing the onomatopoeia example, ask students, "What about the word plethora?

how to write a fashion show commentary

What kind of person would Mr. Would this person be young or old? What clothes might the person wear to further represent the meaning of plethora? Have students share their best ideas out loud for Mr.

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Step one building some "fashion show schema": Ask your students what, if anything, they know about fashion shows. Break students into five groups. Assign each group to brainstorm a different category from this brainstorming worksheet: The words and phrases they brainstorm must be words one might hear said at a fashion show by the fashion show announcer; these would be words or phrases used to describe the models or their clothes and accessories.

Give students five minutes to brainstorm the word category you have assigned them. Create a class list of "Fashion Show Vocabulary" by having groups share their best examples until your chart is full. Barry provides a hysterical model where he describes different rock types igneous, marble, magma as though they are fashion models on a runway.

Step two sharing the published model: A Vocabulary Disaster offers the reader a delightful word choice adventure.Writing Commentaries for Fashion Revue Outline to HELP you write a short commentary of your own.

The commentary will be read during the fashion show while you are modeling your garment. Unfortunately, for the State Fashion Revue the commentary . I’m so fashion challenged, it’s not even funny. That’s one of the reasons I write sports romance. The men wear white uniforms at home and gray on the road.

Write in a formal fashion, using as much precise vocabulary as possible. Avoid slang and make sure you quote frequently from the passage – around three times each paragraph.

How to write a commentary . The Fashion Revue commentary presents the 4-H member and his/her project to the audience. The commentary is read during the fashion show while the member models the outfit entered.

The narration should introduce the model, describe special features of the garment or outfit, and. How to Write a Fashion Show Script. Long before the spotlights; long before the fancy gowns fall over the heads of models and long before the *oohs* and *ahhs* of the audience comes the writing of the fashion show script.

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