The use of cloaking generator coils

Components Off Axis Warp Field Controller This component balances the radioactive emissions from the warp drive nacelles. This is necessary because the power source must be in phase with the cloaking device.

The use of cloaking generator coils

The level-cap increase from 50 to 60, Tier 6 Ships, MK 14 gear, and harder queues have really changed the pace of gameplay. First, you should familiarize yourself with parsing.

With just a single command in the chat window, Star Trek Online will begin to log your combats. It will record your weapons fire, your incoming damage, your accuracy, and much more. Unfortunately, this text file is impossible to sift through without the help of a third-party program.

A few others are hovering around, and you can always visit our original How-To-Parse video on YouTube. Regardless, to be a contributing player in things like Borg STFs — prior to Delta Rising — players were fine as long as they were doing above three to five thousand.

However, with the queue revamps in Delta Rising, players should really be aiming to perform closer to an average of 10, DPS or better. This guide is designed to give you a foundation that will help you set new goals, revisit your Captain Skills, and help you progress to a new level of gameplay required of Delta Rising content.

But… what gear should you consider worth upgrading?! Consider these skills like the structural frame of your home. If you reinforce one corner of the house, but not the other… your house might come crashing down.

Here is a link to a build by SarcasmDetector. He is not only a consistently high performing Captain but, also someone who has spent countless hours helping others including Priority One Podcast with our builds.

Now, for many of you, not loading torpedoes on your starship breaks the immersion of being a Starfleet Captain.


Unfortunately, if you want the most return on investment when spending skill-points, you really should consider choosing one or the other. If you must have a torpedo on your ship, try sacrificing only one weapon slot.

However, be aware that you will also sacrifice up to 5, DPS by doing so. Your actual cloaking device grants you enough stealth to give you a nearly perfect cloak vs NPCs. Investing points into stealth is generally considered overkill and would not provide you any return on your investment.

Furthermore, since Starfleet Cloaks are not Battle-cloaks, they are not often very useful in PvE queue content or nearly any content for that matter.

They are mostly just a novelty that can be used during solo missions for fun or on your initial attack for the Ambush bonus to damage. Energy weapons deal moderate but equal amounts of damage to shields and hull.

Projectiles deal high kinetic damage but only shine when direct contact to hull is made when an enemies shields are down. Just remember an action sequence from Star Trek… when shields were down, a torpedo would devastate a ship.

With shields up, torpedoes can be absorbed. Focus is the key to performance in STO and splitting your points will lead to splitting your Bridge Officer powers, Consoles and Duty Officers as well, leading to a very inefficient build for queues.

While great for the typical escort captain of course, this also helps heavier ships maneuver effectively to complete objectives. Electro-Plasma Systems helps your weapons power recharge faster from the energy drain of firing multiple energy weapons, increasing DPS. One would think — by the description — that Driver Coil only affects your speed when traveling in Sector Space.

However, that is not the case. Why on earth would anyone other than a Science Captain want to invest points in this skill? Well, it is because of a Universal Console that can benefit every ship called — Plasmonic Leech.

Water Cisterns

This console uses your energy weapons to drain power from your target and transfers that power to you, boosting ALL your subsystems! Do whatever you can to get it!

The use of cloaking generator coils

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Nu-Calgon could use as much as 37% more power when the coils are dirty. Welcome to the fractal antenna FAQ. Since fractal antennas (more specifically fractal element antennas (FEA)) are still an exotic and unknown option to many we believe this FAQ will be helpful.

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