Write api documentation online auctions

If you sell clothes, you will need measuring tape for measurements. Another must-have item if you plan to grow your business is a scale to weigh your packages so that you can charge the correct shipping fee. If you are not planning to go full throttle, you will have to be content with paying full post office prices and having them weighed.

Write api documentation online auctions

Installation Clone your fork of the repository to your machine: Next, cd into the slate directory and install the necessary libraries: You can also view the Middleman configuration by browsing to http: As well as serving up the site locally, Middleman will watch for changes and rebuild the site as required.

API Reference For example: Out-of-the-box, those tabs are Shell, Ruby and Python: This is important, because the language name must exactly match the corresponding format which Rouge — the syntax highlighter used by Slate — expects.

PHP Again, by going to your broswer and hitting refresh you should see the changes straight away. The configuration section also allows you to add links below the menu in the left-hand column.

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Writing your Documentation Out-of-the-box, Slate provides a bunch of dummy content. Using the JQuery TOC Table of Contents plugin, which will already be installed for you, it allows you to navigate between them, and will also expand the current item to show the second-level navigation.

The four sections are as follows: Introduction Kittens Errors The introduction, authentication and errors section are generic enough that we probably want to keep them, albeit modified to suit our API. Write api documentation online auctions do so, find the following around line Kittens Change it to: Albums You should find that simply by renaming this level-one header, the left-hand menu and the name of the auto-generated anchor should change with it.

You can also modify, remove or add the second level headings, which again update the menu in its expanded form accordingly. Feel free to use third-level headings and above as normal, although note that the menu only goes two-levels deep.

Take a look at the default introduction as an example, and modify it accordingly. Using Includes If your API documentation is going to get quite long or quite complex, keeping all of it in one file will quickly become unmanageable.

write api documentation online auctions

Artists In addition to album and track information, you can also request information about the artists.

These are pictured below, in that order: The out-of-the-box errors section uses a table to list HTTP response codes; chances are, you can simply modify this to suit.

Otherwise, in addition to writing out by hand — which is relatively simple, yet fiddly — then you could use this online tool. Sidebar The sidebar on the right hand side is largely made up of three separate elements: To include one, which will appear in the right-hand column, use the Markdown for a blockquote: For example, to display some sample PHP: When users select their preferred language using the tabs, only the specified language should be displayed.

You can also embed example responses from your API.

write api documentation online auctions

For example, to provide an example JSON response: Slate comes with a placeholder image; all you need do is replace it. Beyond changing the logo image, customizing is really quite simple.

If you wish to add additional stylesheets, fonts, images or JS files, just pop them in the relevant directory.

The goal of API documentation is to provide users with understandable information that is easily accessible. Learn how to write fool-proof API docs. This is a new event for 'Practical Innovation Leaders'. Leaders with a bias for action. Pioneers in their team or wider business. You could be a business leader, technology leader, . The purpose of this page is to provide links that are useful for quick access to reference info. I use this page to look up words in the dictionary, names in the phonebook, stock quotes, weather, street maps and directions to addresses, etc.

You can modify the stylesheets as you wish; do note that they are in. When it comes to building the site ready for deployment, we can use the following command: The markdown gets compiled into a single index. At this stage, you can simply upload the contents of the build folder to a webhost, use Githooks to publish it when pushed to a particular remote, or create a Grunt or Gulp task to do it automatically.

Slate comes with the Middleman Github Pages plugin pre-installed. You can also use your own custom domain; refer to the relevant documentation for details. Remember that anything you put in here will automatically be copied over to your build folder, so it will get uploaded to Github pages for you.

Of course by publishing your documentation to a public Github repository, you could even turn your documentation into a community effort, allowing users to modify your documentation via direct access or pull requests.

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How do you write your API documentation? Let me know in the comments. Meet the author Lukas White Lukas is a freelance web and mobile developer based in Manchester in the North of England.Ariel Felner, Ben-Gurion University Guni Sharon, Ben-Gurion University Nathan R.

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Try Now! Writing API Documentation with Slate. Slate allows you to write your API documentation by hand using markdown, which it will then package up as a pre-styled static HTML site for you. Because. Apache Storm recently became a top-level project, marking a huge milestone for the project and for me monstermanfilm.com's crazy to think that four years ago Storm was nothing more than an idea in my head, and now it's a thriving project with a large community used by a ton of monstermanfilm.com this post I want to look back at how Storm got to this point and the lessons I learned along the way.

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If privacy and confidentiality are the main design feature for shared ledgers, tradeoff need to occur in order to make this work. All systems have tradeoffs and using a triangle to understand this usually helps.

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