Wyoming meth project

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Wyoming meth project

One of the first signs of methamphetamine abuse is a sudden loss of interest in other areas of life. Hobbies, relationships and career goals will all take a back seat to meth. It is not uncommon for frequent users of the drug to display these behavioral signs of meth addiction: Loss of interest in usual activities Neglecting relationships Sudden shift in social groups Risky financial behavior, such as cashing out savings in order to buy meth Criminality, such as stealing money in order to buy meth Obsessive focus on a particular issue or task Forgetting important dates, times or events Increased aggression or violent behavior Clumsiness decreased fine motor skills Distracted behavior in social situations Risky sexual behavior Erratic sleep patterns, such as insomnia and hypersomnia Hyperactivity and high energy Extreme loss of appetite eating little or not at all for several days Displaying a tic or twitch a small, repetitive behavior, such as pulling hair or picking at a particular spot on the skin Those addicted to meth may also have these pieces of paraphernalia in their home, car or personal space: An unusually large amount of aluminum foil, particularly with burn or scorch marks used in smoking crystal meth A water pipe or other pipe used in smoking crystal meth Burned spoons Rolled up slips of paper, rolled up dollar bills, empty pen cases, or straws used to snort meth Pieces of glass or shards of a broken mirror, or razor blades used to snort meth Needles or syringes used to inject meth New shoelaces or rubber tubing used as a tourniquet if injecting the drug intravenously While it is true that people who are addicted to methamphetamine are most likely to be young, white men, anyone can become addicted to the drug at any time.

If you notice one or more of these signs in a loved one, they may have a methamphetamine addiction. Knowing how someone acts on meth is a good first step in getting someone the help they need.

Wyoming meth project

Addiction is a disease and, as with any other disease, an afflicted person will need to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Symptoms of Meth Use Meth addiction can cause a variety of physical and psychological reactions. Some people consider these adverse effects an allergic reaction to crystal meth, but they are, by and large, ordinary effects of a methamphetamine addiction.

Every inch of the body and brain are adversely influenced by the drug, and there are many easily identifiable symptoms which loved ones can be on the lookout for. The following are common physical symptoms of meth addiction: Sudden or severe weight loss Extreme perspiration.Meth use can easily lead to a serious addiction, and its abuse is a widespread issue in the United States.

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Misuse of the drug creates serious health problems and, in some cases, leads to fatal consequences. The Colorado Meth Project is a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing Meth use through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach.

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Colorado Meth Project | Reducing Meth Use Through Community Outreach & Public Policy